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WWE Monday Night Raw preview: The Shield to add new member?

According to a June 8 report from Sportskeeda, the upcoming episode of WWE Monday Night Raw should help unravel the mystery behind Seth Rollins' recent heel turn. As most WWE fans know by now, Rollins turned heel by smashing Roman Reigns in the back with a steel chair, effectively breaking up one of the promotion's hottest tag-teams. The Shield had been going strong since 2012, so not many saw Rollins' heel turn coming.

The Shield may add a new member during WWE Monday Night Raw
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rollins was extremely vague in discussing the reasoning for his heel turn during this week's episode of WWE Smackdown. In all likelihood, the WWE is saving Rollins' grand explanation for WWE Monday Night Raw, since its a far more popular show. WWE fans will be tuning in this week to find out exactly why Rollins decided to align himself with Evolution by breaking up The Shield in shocking fashion. Fans may also find out if The Shield will be getting a new member.

The rumor was out in WWE Universe that CM Punk or Ronda Rousey would be taking Rollins' place in The Shield, but its a stretch to think that the WWE would script such a scenario. More likely is a Shield lineup that would feature Reigns, Ambrose and a mid-card superstar who needs a push, like a Bad News Barrett or Cesaro. Speaking of Cesaro, the WWE is going to need to reveal who will be fighting it out for the briefcase at next month's Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

So far, Alberto Del Rio is the only man to have been officially confirmed for the Money in the Bank headliner. Five more spots are up for grabs, and its likely that Cesaro will be in the mix. Other names being considered for Money in the Bank include John Cena and Rob Van Dam. Elsewhere, its expected that Daniel Bryan will tell WWE head honcho Stephanie McMahon what he plans to do with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This week's WWE Monday Night Raw is definitely worth watching, because Bryan might show up to give up the belt, or he may make a cameo to announce he's good to go for Money in the Bank. No one seems to know for sure what he'll do, perhaps not even WWE officials. Bryan is currently recovering from neck surgery. In other matters, Bray Wyatt is expected to make a cameo and fans will find out if his feud with Cena is over or if it continues on.

The WWE could script someone else for Wyatt to start a feud with, but WWE Universe seems to be enjoying the continued clash between Cena and the Wyatt Family. This week's WWE Monday Night Raw is also likely to feature a divas match, perhaps between Paige and Alicia Fox. WWE Monday Night Raw airs at 8 p.m. on the USA Network. The June 9 episode will be filmed at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

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