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'WWE Monday Night Raw' preview: Hulk Hogan returns

'WWE Monday Night Raw' preview: 02.24.14
'WWE Monday Night Raw' preview: 02.24.14

With the "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view out of the way, the road to "Wrestlemania 30" is up next and starts off on "WWE Monday Night Raw." With Randy Orton cheating to win once again at the PPV on Feb. 23, the WWE will now start setting up their matches for the big 30th anniversary "Wrestlemania" card. Here is a look at the "WWE Monday Night Raw" preview.

The biggest thing about the episode is the fact that the WWE Network also launches that morning so the WWE is pulling out all the stops to bring superstars to the show. Hulk Hogan will make his return to the WWE as her sets up to host "Wrestlemania 30."

The Undertaker will return for "WWE Monday Night Raw" and this should set up who he fights at "Wrestlemania 30" as well, with Brock Lesnar the best bet. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is also booked to appear on the show.

As for the angles, with Randy Orton winning the Elimination Chamber match, the "Wrestlemania 30" main event is set up to be Orton vs. Batista. However, the fans turned on Batista and have not really taken to Orton as a major heel, so there is a chance that Daniel Bryan is put into the match with them.

If he is not, Orton vs. Batista could be really bad as far as the crowd reaction is concerned. If Bryan is not added, it looks like fans could see Bryan vs. Kane or Bryan vs. Triple H at "Wrestlemania 30."

The Shield and Wyatt Family had a fantastic match at "Elimination Chamber," so there is a chance that could continue tonight as well. However, with Bray Wyatt costing John Cena the WWE World Championship, the Wyatt vs. Cena "Wrestlemania 30" match will start its build tonight on the show.

"WWE Monday Night Raw" airs on the USA Network at 8 p.m. EST.

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