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WWE Monday Night Raw: Damien Sandow to troll crowd by posing as Sting?

According to a July 14 report from What Culture, Sting might be making his WWE debut on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, which will be filmed in Virginia. Sting, the most popular pro wrestler to have never competed under the WWE banner, tweeted last week an eye-popping message that raised plenty of eyebrows in WWE Universe. The former TNA superstar tweeted the date, July 14, 2014, without providing any further explanation.

Sting is rumored to be appearing at WWE Monday Night Raw in Virginia
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Obviously, Sting and the WWE wanted to fuel the rumor mill by leaving the tweet open to interpretation. There's a chance Sting's tweet has something to do with the WWE video game that he's expected to be featured on. But most fans seem to think Sting's tweet was about an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw in Virginia. Rumors of Sting's WWE debut on WWE Monday Night Raw have gotten so strong that fans will likely be disappointed if he won't be in attendance.

Of course, there's one way the WWE could address the matter if it turns out that Sting was never actually scheduled to appear. They could trot out Damien Sandow to troll the crowd by having him pose as Sting. The WWE did exactly that a few weeks back when Vince McMahon was rumored to be in the building at a televised house show.

McMahon may have actually been there, but the WWE trotted out Sandow instead as the head honcho's theme song played and his likeness appeared on the giant video screen behind the stage. Sandow, who was originally a heel character while climbing the WWE ranks last year, also recently appeared at recent house shows as Bret Hart and Abe Lincoln. In his new role, Sandow is essentially portraying a different character every night.

The gimmick seems to be working, as he has become a fan favorite seemingly overnight. Since Santino Marella announced his retirement, the WWE was sorely lacking in comedic gimmicks. Sandow seemed to be at the right place at the right time, making a smooth transition taking Marella's place as the top comedy performer in the promotion. Will Sandow appear as Sting tomorrow night on WWE Monday Night Raw? No one knows for sure except WWE higher-ups and Sting himself.

Fans will need to tune in to WWE Monday Night Raw, tomorrow at 8 p.m. on the USA Network. Elsewhere on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are expected to continue their feud. In other action, Cesaro and Randy Orton are expected to be making cameo appearances.

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