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'WWE Monday Night Raw': 5 best things about the 'Royal Rumble' go-home show

5 best things from 'WWE Monday Night Raw' - 01.20.14
5 best things from 'WWE Monday Night Raw' - 01.20.14

The WWE presented their final "WWE Monday Night Raw" before the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view on Jan. 20 and we got to see the return of Batista to the WWE. Here is a look at the top five moments from this episode of "WWE Monday Night Raw" as the promotion starts the Road to Wrestlemania.

The Return of Batista

The biggest thing about this episode of "WWE Monday Night Raw" was the return of Batista to the WWE. The show opened with Triple H ready to welcome back Batista but Randy Orton interrupted it. Then, when Batista came out, he said that he was only interested in winning the WWE world championship. Later in the show, he came out after Alberto Del Rio's match and Batista Bombed Del Rio. It was a great return for the big man.

Triple H dresses down Randy Orton

Ever since Randy Orton won the WWE World Championship, he has been asking to be protected and has complained about defending his title. When "WWE Monday Night Raw" started, Triple H finally got tired of it and said that Orton has somehow lost faith in his own abilities and needs to find it quick before Sunday's match with John Cena. It was a quality promo and great words by Triple H.

Albert Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

When Del Rio was fighting Sin Cara on every show, it got really boring, really quickly. That really goes to show how limited Sin Cara is in the ring. Del Rio and Mysterio have fought a ton as well, but this match was just fantastic. The two got a long time to work and fought in the best match on the show. Quality from start to finish and proof that Del Rio is still a main event wrestler if given a good opponent.

Big Show faces off with Brock Lesnar

The most interesting thing in this feud is that Brock Lesnar has manhandled everyone in the WWE, from Triple H and John Cena to Mark Henry. However, heading into the big match at the "Royal Rumble," The Big Show has dominated Brock Lesnar. He did it again here, throwing Lesnar all over the ring like a child. Even when Lesnar wins at the "Royal Rumble," Big Show has made him look a little less dominant the last few weeks.

Daniel Bryan

Last week, Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion and looked to be out for a few weeks. One week later, not only is Bryan medically cleared to return to the ring, but he cuts a slightly lame promo about setting up The Wyatts and then ran in to beat the crap out of Bray Wyatt later in the show. Honestly, he has the fans eating out of his hands and is the most over man in the WWE.

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