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‘WWE Main Event’ results from the WWE Network: Ambrose vs. Henry

‘WWE Main Event’ results from the WWE Network: 03.11.14
‘WWE Main Event’ results from the WWE Network: 03.11.14

When it first started airing on Ion, the “WWE Main Event” show was actually something special, a weekly show with a main event caliber match and two lower card matches played out over one hour. With the show now airing live on the WWE Network, it looks like they are returning to that format once again. Here is a look at the “WWE Main Event” results from the live WWE Network show on March 11.

Over the last couple of months, “WWE Main Event” changed from a show that featured one quality main event each week to a C-level show similar to “WWE Superstars.” This week, with a live showing on the WWE Network, there were two title matches.

The show opened with a tag team match as Los Matadores took on Ryback and Curtis Axel. It ended with Diego pinning Curtis Axel to give his team the win. Axel has fallen hard since leaving Paul Heyman.

The WWE Diva’s title was on the line next as AJ Lee defended it against Natalya. AJ walked out still the champion when Tamina distracted Natalya and AJ hit the Shining Wizard kick and then locked in the Black Widow for the submission victory.

The main event of “WWE Main Event” saw Dean Ambrose in a rare U.S. title defense as he put the title on the line against Mark Henry. The match started with Henry in control, but after he was distracted by The Shield, Ambrose regained control. After some punishment, Henry roared back to life. He almost pinned Ambrose, but Seth Rollins put Ambrose’s legs on the ropes. Henry went out and took out Rollins. Henry went up the turnbuckles for a big splash but Roman Reigns caught his attention. This allowed Ambrose to drop him into the ring and then Ambrose hit the Headlock Driver for the win.