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WWE Main Event Results 2/5/2014: Emma makes notable appearance on Main Event

Last night’s episode of WWE Main Event was a very disappointing piece of filler which did little to showcase the talents of the superstars involved. The episode feature three bouts, each bland and forgettable, but did offer a bit of insight into the personality and character of former NXT standout Emma.

New WWE Superstar Emma makes her way to join Santino at the commentary booth of WWE's Main Event

Main Event opens with Fandango and Summer Rae. Fandango is taking on The Miz, but before the match can begin Santino heads to the ring. Santino introduces Emma, fresh off her “Dance Contest” victory over Summer Rae. Santino has Emma join him at the commentary booth, and much of the bout is spent discussing “The Emmalution” and Emma’s place in the WWE product. When asked what "the Emmalution" is, Emma simply responds "What ISN'T the Emmalution?" Adorable.

The match itself was quite dull, as it was painfully apparent that The Miz and Fandango have zero chemistry with one another. The story at ringside was far more interesting than that outside, as Summer Rae continually flashed Emma dirty looks and commentary built the impending feud between the pair.

Eventually, The Miz picks up the victory over Fandango via the Figure Four Leglock. Santino and Emma dance in celebration of The Miz's victory as the show moves on.

Following the bout, a recap of Triple H’s interview from plays, where Triple H notes that it’s his job to push talent to become better. Triple H states that this is the reason he has continued to push WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, and that Orton still has much to prove. Triple H says that Orton will face possibly his biggest challenge yet as he takes on John Cena this Monday on RAW.

Back to the ring for more action as Alberto Del Rio takes on Zack Ryder. Kudos to Ryder for making it on to two shows in one week. Ryder does get a bit of offense in, but ADR wins the bout in the end with a superkick while Ryder is on his knees.

Finally in the main event of Main Event, Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston continues his Best of 500 series with former champion Curtis Axel. The match felt dull and long and the Des Moines crowd was hardly into the affair. Big E Langston wins with the Big Ending, dominating Long, forgettable back and forth bout. Langston wins with a Big Ending.

Overall, Main Event was disappointing. Typically one part recap show and one part venue for the superstars to actually showcase some of their in-ring ability, this week’s episode offered up little in the way of entertaining matches and did little to help anyone on the show. While Triple H's announcement was important and will likely factor into the decision to watch RAW for many people, a brief appearance from Triple H isn't exactly a selling point for the show. If you missed out, don’t feel bad, and don’t feel the need to catch this one on Hulu or any other replay venue.

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