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WWE Main Event results 2/12/2014: Big E victorious in double-header

Last night’s episode of WWE Main Event was an excellent example of what the show is capable of. The recaps were kept to a minimum and the midcard talent was given an ample opportunity to shine.

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan prepare to take on the trio of Sin Cara and Los Matadores.

Main Event opens with Sin Cara and Los Matadores taking on The Wyatt Family. Many moments of high flying action occur througout the bout, as The Wyatt Family gave the makeshift team of Sin Cara and Los Matadores a surprising number of opportunities to shine. While one may argue that it may make The Wyatt Family look weak to allow the opposing trio so much offense, in the end it all worked for the best for both trios, as they put on a solid bout in which each side looked strong. Bray Wyatt scored the pin for The Wyatt Family by planting Sin Cara with Sister Abigail.

Following the opening bout was a repeat of Monday’s announcement that Lita is to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Following this, a recap of Triple H’s weekly interview, in which Triple H notes that the Hall of Fame ceremony would be broadcast on the WWE Network in its entirety.

Back to the ring and Divas action, as Natalya takes on Aksana. Commentary puts over the bout as Natalya fighting for her Total Divas co-star and friend, Naomi, who is out of action following a rather stiff drop of the knee from Aksana. In the end, Aksana taps to the sharpshooter in a long and surprisingly entertaining contest.

Following a recap of Betty White’s appearance on RAW, Big E (no longer Langston) heads to the ring next to take on Drew McIntyre in the main event of Main Event. Big E wins a great, competitive bout by countering a cross body into the Big Ending. Following the bout, Jinder Mahal breaks up the celebration and says Big E’s night is far from over. Mahal notes that if Big E “messes with one member of the band, he messes with them all.” Mahal then tells the ref to ring the bell so that he can take on Big E as well. Big E finishes this wrestling double-header, and the night, by crushing Jinder in short time with yet another Big Ending.

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