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WWE Main Event marks Emma's successful return

Tonight’s episode of WWE Main Event opens with The Miz, who hits the ring to cut a promo. Miz notes that tonight, for the first time ever, Miz TV is on the WWE Network live. Miz says that LeBron James isn’t the only person to have an earth-shattering announcement, as he has one as well. Miz parodies Lebron’s Sports Illustrated letter, a move made particularly enjoyable by Miz’s shared Ohio connection. Miz says he is leaving Cleveland and never looking back, and he has a responsibility to leave it for Hollywood, which he proclaims to be his new home. Miz closes by saying that’s he’s from Hollywood, and that he’s a star.

Renee Young reacts to The Miz following an interview gone awry.
WWE, WWE Network, Caleb Baumgartner

Sheamus heads out from the back, mic in hand and US title around his waist. Sheamus says he speaks for everyone when he says it’s time for Miz to take his talents out of the ring, all the way back to Hollywood, and into the Pacific ocean. Miz says he has never pegged Sheamus for the bitter, jealous type, and that Sheamus is jealous of Miz’s “moneymaker.” Sheamus says the moneymaker makes people ask for their money back. Sheamus says that Miz’s next movie project should be “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” because this Sunday he’s going to kick the moneymaker right off of Miz’s shoulders. Sheamus chases Miz out of the ring and the two lock eyes as Miz looks on nervously.

Emma is up next in Divas action as she awkwardly dances her way to the ring to take on Cameron. Naomi joins the crew at commentary for the bout to build up her bout with Cameron at Battleground. Apparently the pair will face off in the preshow bout. Emma and Cameron face off in a decent bout, with Cameron’s attention focused almost exclusively on Naomi at ringside. This distraction costs Cameron, as Emma steals a win with a small package. Cameron tries to take her anger out on Emma, but Naomi makes the save and drives Cameron off.

Rybaxel is up next in tag team action, as Ryback and Curtis Axel face off against the makeshift duo of Big E and Kofi Kingston. The match rolls on decently and turns particularly interesting when Ryback and Big E match power for power and Big E manhandles Ryback in impressive fashion. Kofi’s athletics are on display as well as he gets a lift from Big E for a huge splash on Ryback and Axel on the outside. Kofi pins Axel with the Trouble in Paradise after a good ending sequence featuring all four men.

Renee Young is backstage with The Miz, asking how he feels heading into tonight’s match. Miz says Sheamus is like every other WWE superstar, who just wants what he has. Miz is a bright, shining, 1000 watt megastar.

Miz and Sheamus face off in the main event of Main Event. Sheamus gets his win back with a rollup, shades of last night’s Raw, after Miz cowers away from a Brogue Kick. Main Event closes with the commentators wondering if Sheamus will unify the US and Intercontinental titles at this Sunday’s Battleground pay-per-view.

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