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'WWE Main Event' deal with ION ending, moving to WWE Network

WWE Main Event leaving ION television
WWE Main Event leaving ION television

To prepare for "Wrestlemania 30," the WWE has been broadcasting its "WWE Main Event" television taping live on the WWE Network for the past few weeks. According to on March 27, this may continue as the WWE deal with the ION Network ends next week and "WWE Main Event" will no longer air on cable television.

The final date that "WWE Main Event" will air on ION will be April 2. The next week, the television network is advertising a "Burn Notice" marathon.

The idea that the WWE was broadcasting a live version of "WWE Main Event" on the WWE Network made it seem like the company was phasing out the cable deal anyway. The WWE needed to do this to try to work out the bugs and glitches that interrupted "WWE NXT: Arrival," and showing "WWE Main Event" live gave them that chance.

It also hurt the ratings for the Wednesday night show on ION, since people with the WWE Network already watched it on Tuesday night.

Now, unless fans have the WWE Network, they won't be able to watch "WWE Main Event" at all. It is smart thinking for the WWE, who already have "NXT" on the WWE Network as well. The more unique new product the WWE can distribute on the WWE Network, the more it seems like something fans must have.

It is unclear if the WWE will continue to air "WWE Main Event" live or if they will tape shows in advance and just show the taped shows on the WWE Network after "Wrestlemania 30."

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