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WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin: ‘I’m for same-sex marriage’

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Stone Cold Steve Austin has never been afraid to step in the ring during his long career as a professional wrestler. He also has never been afraid to speak his mind. According to a report by UK’s Pink News on April 22, The former WWE superstar has made religious groups who oppose same-sex marriage his next opponent as the Texas native discussed the issue of gay marriage.

Austin, whose real name is Steven James Anderson, took to the airwaves on his podcast recorded back in July to address just how feels about gay marriage. He said, “I’m for same-sex marriage. I believe that any human being in America, any human being in the world, that wants to be married…if it’s the same-sex, more power to them.”

Austin then took a shot at religious groups who are anti-gay marriage. Using colorful language that became apart of his WWE personality, the man also known as the Texas Rattlesnake went after those who use religion as their main source of opposition.

“What also chaps my ass, some of these churches, have the high horse that they get on and say ‘we as a church do not believe in that.’ Which one of these mother**kers talked to God and God said that same-sex marriage was a no can do? Can you verify? Can you give me some background on that 411?”

Austin’s passion on the topic stemmed from some close bonds he has formed with friends who happen to be gay. The former University of North Texas football player has never backed down from anyone as he as won 21 championships in his WWE careers. Part of the reason for his success has been his dedication in what he believes in. In the podcast linked due to use of strong language, he expressed just how much of an ally he is for equality in general.

The WWE as a company has also been supportive of gay rights and marriage equality. When WWE star Darren Young made history by coming out as gay, the company and other WWE superstars voiced their support Young and also showed how proud they were of him for winning his battle outside the ring.


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