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WWE legend Jim Ross hospitalized, stroke discovered in his past

WWE legend Jim Ross hospitalized - results
WWE legend Jim Ross hospitalized - results
Photo from WWE Twitter

WWE Hall of Fame superstar Jim Ross had to spend two days in a hospital this past week. While Ross has kept his fans up to date on the hospital stay, it was TMZ who reported on Sunday that it was stroke-like symptoms that had the former announced hospitalized. The Jim Ross illness was then pretty much confirmed when Ross tweeted out a link to the site’s story on his hospital stay.

Ross originally let his fans know via Twitter that it was his wife who insisted that he check into the hospital for tests. The problems arose when he arrived home and complained about feeling light headed and she demanded he get some tests ran. He then was ordered to stay the night in the hospital for observation. He then checked in the next day and said they were giving him multiple tests to determine what was wrong.

According to Ross, he received two MRIs, four blood tests, an artery scan and an echocardiogram all in one day. Finally, the next day he was released to go home. While Ross never revealed what was wrong, it was TMZ who reported that the illness was due to medications he was taking for an unrelated medical issue. They immediately changed up his prescriptions to fix the problem.

The scary part is that the tests revealed that Ross had suffered a minor undiagnosed stroke in the past. This wouldn’t be the first time Ross has underwent a problem like this in the past. He also suffered from Bell’s Palsy, which caused his face to become partially paralyzed after an attack. He has recovered from that initial attack but it is something that will affect Ross for the rest of his life.

Jim Ross is currently retired from the WWE after the company released him after an incident in 2013. He is working on a weekly podcast, where he interviews a number of professional wrestling superstars from the past and present. He is also working for Fox Sports and recently worked with the UFC as well.