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WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page talks stalker angle, Hulk Hogan and WCW

WWE Diamond Dallas Page talks career
WWE Diamond Dallas Page talks career

Former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page has made himself a successful post-wrestling career with his DDP Yoga program. With the system in the news thanks to helping turn the lives around of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall, reported on March 24 that DDP discussed his past WWE and WCW career as his two success stories prepare to head into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Dallas Page moved into the WCW after a stint in the AWA as a manager and started to work on his wrestling. He said that he credits Hulk Hogan on helping him get moved into a better spot. According to DDP, after one of his matches, Hogan approached him and said that he was getting really good in the ring and he had been watching his matches.

He said that Hogan gave him a major boost of confidence when he said to keep doing what he is doing and someday they would make huge money together.

Page also talked about the controversial angle where David Arquette won the WCW world championship, something that many fans felt devalued the title and helped lead to the demise of WCW. While he said that it was not the best idea, he said that people need to stop blaming Arquette because he said that any other wrestling fan would have jumped at the chance as well.

Finally, DDP talked about the stalker angle in his feud with The Undertaker where DDP was stalking Undertaker's wife. Page realized at that time that he should have rejected the angle and walked away because he might have gotten something better. However, he didn't and that was the end of his wrestling career in the WWE. DDP said that he will never say yes to anything on the spot again and will always think it over before signing a contract.

Diamond Dallas Page will be in New Orleans during the WWE "Wrestlemania 30" weekend to put on a DDP Yoga demonstration at the Holiday Inn New Orleans Westbank on April 4 and April 5.

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