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WWE: Latest news on Hulk Hogan appearing at Wrestlemania 30

News broke late yesterday through the Wrestling Observer, that wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has undergone a physical exam by WWE medical exam. The company has made the call internally that Hogan will not participate in any match at Wrestlemania XXX, which has been rumored for months now. It has also been determined that Hogan will not do anything physical at the event on April 6th in New Orelan's Superdome. Hogan is still expected to appear at WM30 but it is not clear what his role at the mega-event will be now following this exam.

Hulk Hogan set for a Wrestlemania return in 2014
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This follows up months of various media outlets including reporting that the Hulkster is once again back in business with WWE. According to the latest information, Hogan has signed a deal to be involved with WWE at Wrestlemania this year. WWE has yet to officially reintroduce Hogan back to the fold on TV but this is expected to occur sometime after this Sunday's Royal Rumble pay per view.

Fellow WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper has been campaigning publicly for a match involving himself and Hogan at WM30 for sometime now. In a recent interview on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast, Piper candidly discussed the possible match. He reportedly wanted to be paired with a prominent active villain in the company to face Hogan and John Cena in a tag team match. With WWE not comfortable with Hogan in the ring, it seems this match is not going to become a reality.

Pro Wrestling Examiner's Perspective: WWE may be breaking the hearts of a lot of Hulkamaniacs out there by making this call to keep Hogan out of his red and yellow boots at Wrestlemania, but it's the right call to make for everyone involved. Hogan has endured a lot of surgeries to his spine recently which have all but kept him from taking bumps in the ring. He has also had extensive work done to his hips and knees. At his extended age, Hogan has given enough of his body to pro wrestling.

Still many fans will ask 'What if Hulkamania had one more match left at Wrestlemania?'. This Examiner played fantasy booker last year with a Hulk Hogan farewell match at WM30. Read about the 5 superstars that would be the best fit for the role to send Hogan off into retirement.

Hogan's public legacy may have been tarnished by a sex tape scandal, a nasty drawn-out divorce, and other negative issues in the past few years but WWE giving him the opportunity to have one more golden moment on the "grandest stage of 'em all" should serve him and his fans very well. Even if the wrestling world fails to see Hulk giving someone an atomic leg drop at the Superdome, it will still be a feel-good nostalgic scene to see the Babe Ruth of pro wrestling back on Wrestlemania.

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