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WWE honors teenager who walked 40 miles to raise cerebral palsy awareness

WWE honors teenager who walked 40 miles for cerebral palsy
WWE honors teenager who walked 40 miles for cerebral palsy
Photo from WWE Public Relations

The WWE honored a Michigan teenager that walked 40 miles with his brother attached to his back to raise awareness for cerebral palsy. According to a press release sent out on Tuesday, the WWE gave 14-year-old Hunter Gandee and his family a backstage tour of “WWE Monday Night Raw” and ringside seats for the event. The WWE was happy to honor Gandee for his work to help bring awareness and funds to the important cause.

Hunter Gandee walked 40 miles with his seven-year-old brother Braden attached to his back. Braden is unable to walk without assistance thanks to cerebral palsy. The walk lasted two days and Hunter forced himself to work through the walk with his 50-pound brother on his back.

According to Hunter, they considered stopping at the 30 mile point. He pointed out the chafing but then he made a phone call to a friend and changed the positioning of his brother on his back. After that, he fought on and made his way the final 10 miles. Hunter made the walk with friends and family members and encountered cheers from people who had gathered at the finish line to see the boys finish the walk.

The walk was referred to as the Cerebral Palsy Swagger and was meant to raise awareness about the condition and hopefully inspire ideas on how to work with the condition through mobile aids and medical procedures. Hunter, a wrestler himself, planned out the trek and trained hard to make sure he could make it.

The WWE, who have always remained a constant active participant in promoting causes like this, were more than happy to step up and honor Hunter for his work. It also just so happens that this event also showcased the WWE’s current efforts at raising money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, another important cause they support.

Hunter Gandee not only got to head backstage to tour the “WWE Monday Night Raw” set, but he also got to meet John Cena and comedian Kevin Hart, who was a special guest on the show. The WWE also brought the group out onto the "Raw" stage for a photo op as well. For more information about the Cerebral Palsy Swagger, they also set up a Facebook page with all the information.

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