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WWE Hall of Fame star Ultimate Warrior dies

Ultimate Warrior dies
Ultimate Warrior dies

On April 5, The Ultimate Warrior entered the WWE Hall of Fame, appeared at "Wrestlemania 30" the next night and then made his first appearance on "WWE Monday Night Raw" in many years. reported on April 8 that The Ultimate Warrior died today.

The news is shocking and both the WWE and Stephanie McMahon passed along their condolences. Warrior was 54 and he is survived by his two daughters and wife Dana.

According to reports, Warrior collapsed outside a hotel on Tuesday night while walking to his car with his wife. He was transported to a hospital and was pronounced dead.

The last time the fans saw The Ultimate Warrior was on "WWE Monday Night Raw" where he put on a Warrior mask and cut a promo as The Ultimate Warrior, telling the fans that his legend will live forever thanks to his fans.

Ultimate Warrior began his career alongside Sting as a member of the Blade Runners in the Mid Southern and Mid South regions. When he went to World Class Wrestling, he changed his name to the Dingo Warrior and his legacy began. Warrior went to the WWE in 1987 and became one of the WWE's biggest stars.

Ultimate Warrior's biggest moment came at "Wrestlemania VI" when he beat Hulk Hogan in a title vs. title match to become the WWE world champion. He continued to star in the WWE until he had a falling out with the company and left on bad terms.

TMZ confirmed that The Ultimate Warrior death happened in Arizona.

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