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WWE Hall of Fame rumors: Randy Savage possibly cleared for entry

WWE Hall of Fame: Randy Savage
WWE Hall of Fame: Randy Savage

With the induction of The Ultimate Warrior this year into the WWE Hall of Fame, almost all the legendary WWE world champions are in, with one glaring exception. That might end soon, as the brother of "The Macho Man" Randy Savage told the Tampa Tribune on March 31 that he would relent and allow the WWE to induct his brother.

Randy Savage's brother is Lanny Poffo, who wrestled in the WWE as The Genuis. In previous interviews, he said that the WWE called to inquire about inducting Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame and Poffo rejected their advances.

There are very bad feelings between Lanny Poffo and the WWE. Poffo said that after Savage died of a heart attack, the WWE never once called his mother to send their condolences and he takes that personally.

When the WWE called about inducting Savage, Poffo said that his brother's wishes were to only enter the WWE Hall of Fame if the entire Poffo family were inducted together. That would mean that Randy Savage would be inducted with his father Angelo Poffo and Lanny Poffo as well.

The WWE rejected that notion.

In the new interview, Poffo has relented and said that it is for the fans and he would not stand in the way of Savage getting into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, he said that unless the WWE finally called his mother to offer their respect, he will not show up for his brother's induction.

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