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WWE Hall of Fame rumors: Owen Hart rumored for 2015 WWE HOF induction

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One name that pops up a lot on wish lists for the WWE Hall of Fame is the younger brother of former WWE champion Bret Hart, "The Blackhart" Owen Hart. According to on March 24, Bret Hart believes an Owen Hart WWE Hall of Fame induction could come in 2015.

While Hart was never more than an upper mid-card talent in the WWE, he was always on the cusp of greatness and had some of the best matches in the WWE in the '90s.

The biggest problem with Owen Hart and the WWE Hall of Fame is that his widow Martha Hart owns the rights to his likeness and has barred the WWE from doing anything with Hart since his death in the WWE wrestling ring. There have been some rumors that the two sides have reached some sort of agreement, but what that might be is a mystery.

According to Bret Hart, Owen's widow has claimed that her late husband hated wrestling and his life as a wrestler, but Bret said that is a "complete lie." He said that it is sad that Owen's kids never got to experience their father at his best and this is all about Martha's longstanding grudge against the WWE thanks to her husband's unfortunate death.

If Bret is right about an Owen Hart WWE Hall of Fame induction coming next year, that could be a monster year for the ceremony. The Rock is also rumored to receive his induction in 2015 since it will take place in Los Angeles. If The Rock and Owen Hart enter the Hall of Fame in 2015, and a name like Randy Savage also makes it, the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame could be the biggest ever.