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WWE Hall of Fame news: Jim Cornette talks Midnight Express HOF possibilities

Jim Cornette talks Midnight Express WWE HOF possibilities
Jim Cornette talks Midnight Express WWE HOF possibilities

The WWE Hall of Fame has some of the best tag teams and managers in the history of professional wrestling inducted, but one manager and one tag team that some consider the best of all time is not enshrined. According to PWS on March 6, Jim Cornette talked about what it would take to get him to accept a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Cornette seems pretty clear that he would not really be interested in entering the WWE Hall of Fame as just a manager. However, he said that if the WWE offered to induct him and the Midnight Express into the WWE Hall of Fame, he would say yes. Cornette said he is very proud of the work that the Midnight Express did at that point in his wrestling career.

Cornette has managed a ton of wrestlers over his career, including former WWE Champion Yokozuna in the WWE itself. He also managed Vader, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog during his time in the WWE. He also managed a large number of wrestlers while he was the head booker of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

But, it was his stint with the Midnight Express that was special. He hit it big with Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Loverboy Dennis Condrey, who he led to numerous titles including one NWA world championship, two Mid South tag team titles and the American tag team titles in WCCW.

After Condrey quit, Cornette brought in Sweet Stan Lane, who was part of the successful tag team The Fabulous Ones. Together with Eaton, the Midnight Express reached even greater levels, winning the U.S. tag team titles three times and the NWA world tag team titles once.

Jim Cornette also said that a Midnight Express induction to the WWE Hall of Fame is not likely, although when The Road Warriors were inducted, they went in with manager Paul Ellering, so if the Midnight Express goes in, it should very well be with Cornette.

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