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WWE Hall of Fame legend refuses to watch the product anymore

Superstar Billy Graham dismisses WWE product
Superstar Billy Graham dismisses WWE product
Photo from WWE Twitter

WWE Hall of Fame legend Superstar Billy Graham has always been openly critical of the WWE. He has been this way for a long time, and it is a large reason the two sides have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. Graham has seemingly threw in the towel and the Hall of Fame legend made a Facebook post on Saturday about how he has given up on watching the WWE.

According to Graham, the reason he is no longer watching is because the current product makes him want to “vomit.” Graham pointed to Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and El Torito while also taking a swipe at Cesaro and John Cena before he finished. Most of Graham’s rant was slightly offensive as well.

When it came to Bo Dallas, Graham thought Dallas looked like an idiot. Of course, Dallas’ gimmick is to be a positive force to help people, but doing it so over-the-top that people hate him for it. Graham’s complaints came when Dallas ran around the ring in a victory lap before hugging Xavier Woods after beating him. Of course, this gimmick is to create a heel that fans hate because he is obnoxious, something that must be working since it bothered Graham so much.

The second complaint was about Adam Rose. The first thing that Graham did was call Rose an “effeminate Pete Rose” sucking on his lollipop. The second thing that he pointed out was the “freaks and geeks” in his entrance, something that fans seem to enjoy. Finally, he pointed out how bad it was that El Torito, who he called a “dwarf,” beat a “normal sized” wrestler.

Superstar Billy Graham’s final WWE slam came to Cesaro. Graham called one person who responded to his previous Facebook post “ignorant” because the fan said Cesaro just needed more time and could learn from John Cena. Graham’s response to this was “who the F is Cena?” Graham finished off by insinuating that the WWE is not only “vomit”-worthy but also boring.