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WWE Hall of Fame faction The Four Horsemen called cowards by retired star

WWE Hall of Fame stars called cowards
WWE Hall of Fame stars called cowards

The Four Horsemen are not just WWE Hall of Fame superstars, but many consider them the greatest faction in professional wrestling history. However, PWS reported on March 4 that retired professional wrestling superstar "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez calls them all cowards.

The Four Horsemen that Fernandez is talking about is the original four man unit that consisted of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard. The unit inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame included Barry Windham instead of Ole Anderson, and Fernandez had nothing to say about Windham.

When it came to Arn Anderson, Fernandez seemed to have the least venom. He said that when Arn first debuted in the NWA, the two of them had some great matches and he isn't sure why Arn has problems with him, but he figures it stems from his relationship with the other three members of the Four Horsemen.

When it comes to Ole Anderson, Fernandez called him "garbage." He told a story about a wrestler try out that Ole and Gene Anderson, who was actually the only real Anderson in the fictional wrestling family. Fernandez said that the Andersons would have the young wrestlers working out hard and then when they were all winded, have them come in the ring and beat them up. He said that is just how Ole Anderson is, a coward.

As for Ric Flair, Fernandez also called him a coward who kissed up to anyone it took behind the scenes to get his pushes.

However, Manny Fernandez saved the most venom towards Tully Blanchard. He said that he really hates Blanchard based on a time where someone with a knife attacked him and Fernandez came to his rescue. Then, as the assailant stabbed Fernandez eight times, Blanchard ran away in fear. He finished by saying that the WWE Hall of Fame star now professes to be a preacher, but when he sees him, he just wants to "rip his throat out."

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