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WWE Hall of Fame building a possibility in new NBC contract offer

WWE Hall of Fame Universal Studios
WWE Hall of Fame Universal Studios

One of the big things that will come out of the WWE Network is that they can get more money in their next television contracts. Those are up for renewal this year and NBC has exclusive negotiating rights until the end of the month. According to on Jan. 24, NBC might offer to finance a physical WWE Hall of Fame building at Universal Studios as part of a new deal with the WWE.

The WWE wants to make close to what the NHL is receiving as the highest paid sports contract in the United States. The NHL got a $2 billion, 10 year deal in the United States (as well as a $4.9 billion over 12 years in Canada). The WWE believes that they bring in an audience worthy of that kind of deal.

According to statements made by the WWE, they believe they will make any network that signs them a Top 5 network immediately because of their large fan base. Two weeks ago, more than four million people tuned in to "WWE Monday Night Raw." If four million people purchase the WWE Network, the WWE would make the same amount they made last year, meaning they could move "Raw" to the WWE Network and not skip a beat.

That means networks will start the bidding process and NBC does not want to lose the WWE. When "WWE Monday Night Raw" moved back to the USA Network, after a short time on TNN, the USA Network jumped in the ratings again. If building a WWE Hall of Fame building at Universal Studios is a way to keep "Raw," it sounds like NBC will be willing to do that.