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WWE Goldberg return possible for ‘Wrestlemania 31’

WWE Goldberg return possible
Photo by Innocenzo Jimmy Ciorra / Flickr Commons

The news broke a short time ago that Goldberg had a chance to appear at “Wrestlemania 30” but the two sides didn’t come up with a way to bring him in. Goldberg said he would have returned if there was a reason, and PWS reported on Wednesday that there is now a good chance he could return for “Wrestlemania 31.” According to the site, a WWE Goldberg return interests the former WCW champion very much.

The original reports of his close call at “Wrestlemania 30” indicated that he wanted his wife and child to see him wrestle. Neither was around when he wrestled before in WCW and later for a short stint in the WWE. He said that it would be nice for them to see him in competition.

There is also what looks like the WWE attempting to cure old bad will with former stars. They finally made a truce with Bruno Sammartino after three decades of spite and entered him in the WWE Hall of Fame last year. Sammartino is now on great terms with the company and he even said he would like a chance to be involved in “Wrestlemania 31.” This year they patched things up with Ultimate Warrior and entered him in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Three days after the ceremony, Warrior died of complications from heart disease. His death, and that of “Macho Man” Randy Savage before the WWE could ever patch things up with him, might make them think they need to work on burying old grudges. There is also the fact that, the last match that Goldberg wrestled in the WWE was against Brock Lesnar and the fans booed both men mercilessly during that match.

The important thing to remember as far as “Wrestlemania 31” is concerned is that Goldberg said he wants there to be a good story for him to return for. He will also probably want a lot of money. There is still 11 months to go before “Wrestlemania 31,” so there will be lots of rumors. This can now join the Sting WWE rumors as the wrestling year gets underway.

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