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WWE Extreme Rules PPV Preview!

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan!
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This Sunday is WWE’s extreme rules pay per view on the WWE Network! Seven matches are on the card (with number eight on the preshow) with three title matches, a handicap match,a cage match, a triple threat and a six man tag match. So in Tony Kornheiser fashion, Who YA Got?:Torito vs Hornswoggle will be..I have no interest in this but I’ll pick Torito. Rusev vs R.Truth & Xavier Woods in a squash. I like Rusev because he brings something different to the table with his style (and Lana is super-hot). I’m picking Paige to successfully attain her diva’s title against Tamina just because I like Paige a lot! Wade Barrett vs Big E for the Intercontinental title: I would hope Barrett would win the title back because Big E hasn’t done too much on tv (and Barrett took this lame gimmick and scored a touchdown with it) and Barrett can go have some meaningful matches and help restore the title.

The two matches I’m looking forward to most are the steel cage match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt and the triple threat match between Cesaro vs Swagger vs RVD. I absolutely enjoyed the opening of Raw with the choir and Bray singing with the children and it’s easily the best moment so far of 2014. I’m hoping that Bray Wyatt wins but I’ll take the loss if it ends the feud with Cena. Swagger and RVD are two of my favorites currently (because what they can do in the ring, I’ve told you this) and I think they need to put someone else in there with Swagger (future article on this man is in the works) and Zeb to keep the “WE THE PEOPLE” chants going. The Real Americans (and his swing) helped put Cesaro over and I think he wins this match because he’s on a hot streak right now. Shield vs Evolution should be the Shield going over but you can never tell with Paul. I am apparently in the minority of fans that never got into the Evolution stable but maybe that’s why I don’t work in Stamford (although I would make some pretty interesting bookings with minimal Brian Kendrick comebacks…. just a few #BringBackKendrick).

The main event is overshadowed (at least to me) in this pay per view, which it should not be because both Daniel Bryan and Kane are fantastic workers. I really liked the corporate Kane character but feel his devilish character has kept him from main eventing with the WWE title. Daniel Bryan has had one heck of a month with Wrestlemania, marrying Brie Bella (that’s an interesting ‘what would you rather do’) and the passing of his father. He is easily the best (in the world…future article coming on this also) wrestler and no doubt deserves to have a lengthy run with the title. I just hope they do him justice with who they put him against! All in all, thanks to the WWE Network, I’m looking forward to watching this Pay Per View when before the network I would probably not miss a chance to watch Game of Thrones! So #FollowTheBuzzards and stand up and say loudly #WeThePeople and enjoy the show!

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