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WWE Extreme Rules 2013 results: Ryback and Cena fight to the end, plus more

Well, the WWE Extreme Rules 2013 pay-per-view is over and the world (of the WWE) will never be the same again, again.

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 results: Ryback and Cena fight to the end, Triple H vs. Brock and more
WWE Extreme Rules 2013 results: Ryback and Cena fight to the end, Triple H vs. Brock and more
Triple-H and Brock Lesnar's violent cage match at Extreme Rules.

Probably the biggest match of the show involves a guy some of you may have heard of by the name of John Cena, taking on the beast with a thousand stomachs, Ryback. After 'Back's epic heel turn a few weeks ago this match has a lot riding on it. A win tonight would catapult the Hungry One to the top of a lot of peoples' lists. Then again, riding high off a WrestleMania victory over the People's Champ, the Rock, certainly John Cena isn't exactly crazy about taking an 'L' tonight either, so this one should be good.

The match starts off and the two men lock up, Ryback hammering Cena with a big shoulder butt. Cena tries one of his own but collides into a Ryback-sized brick wall. Another clench leads to a takedown for Cena, followed by a big bulldog. It's not enough to keep the big man down and Ryback rocks the Cenation commander-in-chief with a clothesline. Ryback pulls John into a gorilla press slam. Cena manages to get Ryback on the outside then goes under the ring for a table.

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This strategy wildly backfires when both men get back in the ring. Ryback pulls Cena in a fallaway slam through the table that has him seeing stars. Cena gets back on his feet and goes for an AA to bring the night to an early close. Ryback reverses, pulling out a meathook clothesline that flattens him. The #1 contender gets greedy and goes for a 2nd meathook but Cena reverses and pulls Ryback into an STF. Cena applies so much pressure using the move that the monstrous 'Back passes out. The referee makes it to a 9-count before he snaps out of it.

Fighting to get the momentum back on his side Ryback goes for his 'Shell Shocked' finisher but Cena reverses it into an AA, putting the gargantuan through a table. The Silverback stays down for another 9 then jumps up with fury in his eyes.

The fight goes outside, with Cena slamming into Ryback and both men going down near the timekeeper. They both make it back up on a 7-count then begin to fight their way through the crowd. Ryback gets his hands on a thick piece of plywood, smashing it against Cena's dome. Cena is down for a 9 then manages to pull 'Back into a vicious sleeper. The monster fights the effects for a moment but eventually succumbs, going down for another 9.

Cena puts Ryback up on a table near the top of the ramp then dives on him. By the time Ryback makes it back to his feet Cena has gotten his hands on a fire extinguisher and he douses Ryback with it. Ryback flees to the top of the ramp, Cena in hot pursuit. Cena puts the extinguisher upside the challenger's head with two big shots, dazing him. He goes for the AA and Ryback reverses, spearing Cena so hard both men go crashing through the wall, sending out a shower of electrical sparks.

This brings the entire match to a dramatic, abrupt end. Moments later Cena is put on a gurney and wheeled away while Ryback is helped to his feet by two refs. Given that neither man could make it to his feet means this one ends in a No Contest. Cena retains the WWE title and clearly this feud with his former friend is far from being over.

Game of Throws

Another big match from tonight's show is Triple-H's cage match with the Beast, Brock Lesnar. Brock and Paul Heyman march to the ring first. Triple-H wastes no time getting this one started as he jumps Brock from behind, forcing Lesnar into the ring to start the match. In the ring he delivers a big chop off the top ropes right in the middle of Lesnar's forehead. All before the bell even rings. The Game follows this with a flurry of hard punches then an Irish whip into the cage.

One good toss deserves another so Lesnar grabs Hunter and hurls him into the ring ropes next, catching him between the ropes and cage and proceeding to beat the crap out of him. Lesnar goes for a flying knee to completely incapacitate the Game. Triple-H manages to avoid the maneuver, causing Lesnar's knee to collide with the cage instead. Triple-H goes for a Pedigree but Lesnar reverses into his own dreaded Kimura lock. The Game puts some pressure on Lesnar's injured leg, forcing him to release the hold.

Lesnar tries to escape from the cage door but the Game stops him. Triple-H tries to get out himself but Paul Heyman slams the door on him, literally. Back in the cage Brock puts the Game in an F5 that rocks the ring. He goes for the win, getting a 2-count. Heyman tosses Brock a chair and he works over Triple-H with it. He goes for another F5 but his knee blows it. Sensing weakness Hunter focuses in on Lesnar's fresh injury, using the steel chair to soften up the knee. He then goes for a Figure-Four, which makes the Beast howl in pain.

Lesnar makes it to the rope, forcing the Game to break the hold. Brock tries to escape through the top of the cage but Hunter swats him off with another well-placed chairshot to the bag knee. The Game retrieves his signature sledgehammer from its hiding spot atop the cage. Before he can use it Brock floors him. Trips puts Brock in a Sharpshooter. Heyman rushes the ring to help and Game puts him in the Pedigree. Having built up a head of steam he follows this with another Pedigree for Brock. He goes for the hammer but a nutshot from Heyman lays him low.

Brock gets his hands on the hammer and slugs Triple-H with it. He pulls the Game into the F5 and puts him down for the 1-2-3. So this looks like it's a 2 out of 3 decisive victory for Brock in his ongoing feud with Triple-H. Only time will tell if this is the end of their feud. Either way, really good match from both parties.

Believe in The Shield

Big night for the 3-man collective known as 'The Shield'. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns take on Team Hell No in a Tornado Tag Match for the tag team titles. According to the rules of such a contest all four men are in the ring at one time.

The bell sounds and Rollins and Bryan tie laces while the two big men, Kane and Roman Reigns come to blows. Hell No comes out strong, both Kane and Bryan getting in some pretty good shots on the Shield members. Rollins and Reigns (How long until their tag team is renamed R 'n' R?) mount a solid return offense. Kane gets Reigns in the DDT and hammers him with hard boots while he's down and out. The Shield puts Bryan up for a powerbomb from the second rope but he reverses this into a smooth hurricanrana.

Kane knocks both guys over the top ropes and out the ring. Bryan dives through the ropes, landing on them both. Brian works over Reigns with the 'No Lock' while Rollins manages to take down Kane by stringing his neck on the top rope. Kane chokeslams Rollins then gets speared by Reigns. The four men pound on each other until everyone in the ring is down on the mat. Reigns is first to get to his feet, going after Bryan. Kane goes for a chokeslam but is halted by a big knee from Rollins. After another big spear from Reigns Kane goes down.

Reign goes for the pin but Bryan breaks it up. The two men gang up on Bryan for a combination fireman's carry/knee drop off the top ropes, then pull him in for a pin. 3-seconds later and we've got new Tag Team Champions.

On the flip side of the coin, in his match with Kofi Kingston for the U.S. Title, Dean Ambrose managed to seal the victory, becoming the new U.S. Champion. He comes out to the ring with his bros and all three celebrate their success.

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 results courtesy, and

Other results from WWE's Extreme Rules 2013, courtesy

Pre-Show Match
Cody Rhodes vs.
The Miz

Winner: The Miz

Grudge Match
Chris Jericho vs.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Strap Match
Sheamus vs.
Mark Henry

Winner: Sheamus

“I Quit” Match
Jack Swagger vs.
Alberto Del Rio

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Extreme Rules Match
Randy Orton vs.
Big Show

Winner: Randy Orton

Thanks for reading. Click the video at the end of this article to watch the WWE Extreme Rules 2013 post show, featuring footage from Extreme Rules as well as color commentary from Mick Foley, Wade Barrett and Titus O'Neil.

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