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WWE Exclusive: Hulk Hogan to induct Randy Savage in WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Exclusive: Hulk Hogan to induct Randy Savage in WWE Hall of Fame
WWE Exclusive: Hulk Hogan to induct Randy Savage in WWE Hall of Fame
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Late last year, WWE Examiner was the first news source to report that Hulk Hogan had formally left TNA and reached a verbal agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment. On Thursday, the news was "officially" confirmed by The Wrestling Observer. But the same trusted inside source at WWE that first confirmed Hogan's return to WWE weeks ago has exclusive new details about Hogan's return that aren't being reported elsewhere.

WWE Examiner learned Thursday evening that Hulk Hogan, contrary to online speculation, will not induct The Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The rumor, our source confesses, is "baseless" given that Hogan and the Warrior have a long history of bad blood that will not translate well to the believability of the good will and positive sentiment that an inductor is believed to possess for the inductee at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

If Hogan inducts Warrior, it will be a "last resort" move.

Based on what our source has learned, the rumor mill apparently had its lines crossed on the HOF ceremony. In fact, we're told that Hogan has been asked to induct "Macho Man" Randy Savage into the 2014 class. Although Hogan and Savage also had a rough patch in their friendship, the two legends of the squared circle were close at one time and rekindled their friendship before Savage's tragic death three years ago.

Beyond Hogan possibly inducting Savage and being inducted himself once again (the current plan calls for Hogan's main event match at the first WrestleMania to be inducted), Hogan will, indeed, have a role at WrestleMania 30, although he will not wrestle a match. A scenario, however, may be manufactured that will allow Hogan to end up in the ring, coming to the rescue of a fellow legend or current WWE superstar. The Hulkster will then be afforded a few minutes in the spotlight to Hulk up, pose down, and enjoy what WWE CEO Vince McMahon apparently believes will be Hogan's final "WrestleMania moment."