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WWE Elimination Chamber thoughts

WWE Elimination Chamber
WWE Elimination Chamber
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On the eve of one of the biggest days in the history of the WWE, a little event known as the Elimination Chamber will take place and try not to get over shadowed by tomorrow's launch of the WWE Network.

Fans can only hope that the Elimination Chamber pay per view will fill in the enormous gaps still left open in the upcoming Wrestlemania 30. As it stands the only thing that is for sure about the WWE's biggest event of the year is that Batista will meet the WWE world heavyweight champion. While I believe Batista is often underrated by many fans, that is not enough to get excited about with just seven weeks to go.

This year's Elimination Chamber will come to us from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The main event match is of course the Elimination Chamber match itself which will be for the WWE world heavyweight championship. The participants for the match include champion Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Shameaus, and Christian.

The obvious pick to win here is Orton. There has been some speculation that Brock Lesnar could somehow work his way into the match and win so if you are looking for a switch that could be the way to go. Daniel Bryan is clearly the hottest guy in the WWE right now but it looks like the WWE is set on making the fans wait to get what most of them want and that is Bryan as the champ.

Other possibilities for the match could include a showing from the Wyatt family, perhaps to interfere and cause John Cena to be eliminated. We saw some seeds planted between Cena and the Wyatts get planted with their involvement in Cena's match with Orton at the Roya Rumble.

The second biggest match on the card is the much anticipated showdown between the Wyatts and the Shield. This match seems a little rushed and hopefully we will get more out of this feud then what we have seen thus far. The likely finish to me would see the Wyatts win because of a miss-communication between Ambrose and Reigns. This continues to build the Wyatts and also pushes us closer to the eventual break up of the Shield.

Third on the list of bouts is Batista's first televised singles match since returning to the WWE. He meets Alberto Del Rio. Since the WWE doesn't seem concerned with building Alberto this is an obvious squash match. I would rather see these guys have a good match as I think Batista can preform on the big stage and Del Rio is very strong in the ring. However, with rumors that Del Rio could be on his way out and Batista on his way to Wrestlemania, making Batista look unstoppable will likely be the focus of this match.

I do not think that anyone really gives Jack Swagger a chance of defeating Big E. A shock title change would be great, but it is hard to see that happening.

The New Age Outlaws or the Old Age Outlaws as some have quipped should get the win over the Usos but only to set up a longer program between the two teams. The Usos are deserving of a run with the WWE tag titles but a longer program with the Outlaws could really help establish the Usos as the top team in the WWE.

The afterthought match on this card is the explosion of the Prime Time Players. In my humble opinion, splitting up these two as a team was a mistake. That is not to say that some time down the road that both of these guys could have solid runs as singles wrestlers, it is just that at this point it looks like they will be much better as a team than they will be as singles wrestlers. Darren Young defeats Titus O'Neil in an upset to continue their feud.

Tonight's Elimination pay per view will be the final WWE event to air only on pay per view. From here on out every major event will be made available to subscribers of the WWE Network. Many fans may be looking at the event itself but the fact that this is final event in the pay per view era of the WWE is significant in itself.

WWE Elimination Chamber airs live on pay per view at 7:00 p.m. central time.

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