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WWE Battleground: Bray Wyatt's feud with Chris Jericho could go on several years

According to a July 18 report from Cageside Seats, Bray Wyatt doesn't think his feud with Chris Jericho will end at the WWE Battleground special event this weekend in Tampa. Wyatt, 27, says in an interview with Between the Ropes that he expects the feud with Jericho to go on for several years to come. Wyatt's comments took many by surprise because Jericho is only expected to be back competing under the WWE banner for the next two months.

Chris Jericho takes on Bray Wyatt at WWE Battleground
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Jericho, 43, is essentially a part-time pro wrestler at this point in his career. He returns sporadically to the WWE, and spends the rest of his days as singer of the rock band, Fozzy. Since he spends so much time touring the country with his band, Jericho only commits to short-time contracts with the WWE. Every year or two, the WWE brings him back for three-month deals so that they could hype him up for a pay-per-view bout with a couple months of feuding with whoever the hot heel is at the time.

Right now, the biggest heel in the WWE is Wyatt, so that's who Jericho is expected to face at WWE Battleground. Wyatt thinks the feud will go on for several years because its one that really intrigues the WWE fan base. Wyatt and Jericho are polar opposites, so that gets fans to bite on the storyline. Wyatt is a dark, creepy character, while Jericho gets marketed as a charismatic babyface.

WWE Battleground won't be the first time Wyatt and Jericho collide inside the ring. Jericho and Wyatt duked it out last year under the NXT banner, while Wyatt was still a young, up-and-coming performer. What a difference a year makes, as Wyatt is now so popular that he's almost Jericho's equal in terms of star power and draw. Jericho defeated Wyatt at that NXT show last year, so Wyatt will be looking for some sweet revenge at WWE Battleground.

Elsewhere on the WWE Battleground card, Dean Ambrose goes toe-to-toe with Seth Rollins. There was some speculation that Rollins would be unable to compete after hurting his knee during a recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, but he has been cleared by medical staffers. The Rollins vs. Ambrose fight has been brewing for several months. WWE Battleground goes down July 20 in Tampa.

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