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WWE Battleground 2014 Preview!

Bray Wyatt, WWE Battleground
Bray Wyatt, WWE Battleground

Tonight is the WWE Battleground PPV live on the WWE Network. So lets get into predictions and Who Ya Got?!

  • Cameron vs Naomi Kick off show- Cameron was very impressive at the last pay per view (Divas match of the year nominee) and should take care of business as her talents (and assets……get it?) need highlighted in this division. My pick—Cameron.
  • Battleground Battle Royal--- Here is another battle royal, but this time, it is for the Intercontinental title. Bad news Barrett had to forfiet the title due to injury (get well soon) and 20 superstars will fight over the second best looking belt in the company (world title). I would like to see one of two guys take this match and run with the title: Bo Dallas or Fandango (I’m a Johnny Curtis Guy). Bo Dallas has been very entertaining and I would enjoy a victory lap around the ring with that beautiful title in his hands. Fandango is a special wrestler but can’t showcase this in a middle of a diva/girlfriend feud. My pick—Bo Dallas
  • Usos vs Wyatts 2 out of three falls-- The Wyatts (Rowan and Harper) have been dominant and should be wearing those (ugly) tag team titles, but the Usos have performed better than I thought. This is a throwback 2 out of 3 falls match where I do not see the champions losing twice being the fan favorites. The tag team division has thinned out and I’m curious to see what is the next step for the titles. My Pick--Usos
  • AJ Lee vs Paige-- In what could be the (Divas) match of the year, AJ Lee will defend her title against (my favorite) Paige. Both of these ladies can bring it, and in hopes to set up a Rubber match at SummerSlam, I will go with the lovely Paige in a screwy finish. My pick— New champion, the beautiful Paige.
  • Jack Swagger vs Rusev-- The WWE Universe has gotten behind Jack Swagger (about time) in this feud of USA Vs Russia. I think both of these guys are super talented and Rusev has the opportunity to be more than just a ‘Foreign heel’ with a strong first push then nothing. This is the time where all the Real Americans should stand up, and with a clear, loud voice say ‘WE, The People!’(Zeb is a genius). My Pick---the Real American, Jack Swagger.
  • Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt-- I do not see this being a clean finish at all because something has to happen to extend this. This is the match I am looking forward to most and I think it will deliver. With Jericho returning and Bray Wyatt’s star rising, I have already put this match on the nominee list for ‘match of the year’. My Pick—Jericho by DQ.
  • Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins-- This grudge match (which should have been saved for SummerSlam) has the potential to steal the show. I like both of these guys a lot and would like to see this feud continue to the big stage. I will guess the Authority show theirselves and keep Ambrose down. My Pick—Rollins with interference.
  • Fatal 4 way match for WWE World Heavyweight title- John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns will fight in the main event for the titles (at least for now with the word is they are going to retire the big gold belt). The spoilers and rumors have Cena winning this match and its hard to bet against him going into SummerSlam. This would be a nice spot to have a Orton/Reigns feud start up. Kane is been doing the grunt work a lot lately, but hopefully people can see just how incredible this guy is as a performer. John Cena has improved a lot since 2006, but his success has caused people to tire against his same moves, same promo’s, and same bright tee shirts. Hopefully these guys can deliver a great main event! My Pick---*sigh* John Cena.

This is the last pay per view before SummerSlam so it is about to get interesting as WWE tries to put on the best show of the summer, and the year!

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