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WWE article teases Sting coming to the company quite soon


There have been a lot of rumors of wrestling legend Sting finally making his way to WWE, and if he could possibly make it there before WWE "WrestleMania XXX" in early April. Neither side has said anything about the rumors, but it appears as if is trying to tease the situation as much as possible with a new article posted on Feb. 19, 2014.

Is it getting closer to Sting's arrival in WWE?

The new article talks about the facepaint that Sting has worn throughout his career and how different it has become over the years.

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It kind of seems like a strange time for the company to all of a sudden do an article on Sting. What's even weirder is that there is a passage in the article that really brings forth a tease that the career of the Stinger is not yet over.

"More than 25 years since he became a good guy, Sting is still a presence in the ring, as well as at numerous charity events. He's a true legend with a constant drive to always be one step better than the day before. His best days may still be yet to come."

Maybe WWE is just trying to get things started again or maybe they are trying to get the talk off of the whole CM Punk situation. It is not exactly known where they are going with this, if anywhere at all, but it truly is intriguing.

Reports have said that Sting is closer to signing with WWE now than he ever has been before. Could there really be an agreement made before the big PPV? Could he wrestle on it? Will it ever happen?

For those that have seen it all in the past, they will believe it when they see it.

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