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'WWE 2K15' surprise character, DLC and story mode details revealed

'WWE 2K15'
'WWE 2K15'
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

A surprise character has been announced for the upcoming multiplatform video game, "WWE 2K15." According to a report from Lazy Gamer on Aug. 11, CM Punk is going to be featured heavily in the wrestling title. The announcement is unexpected considering that the popular wrestler walked out on the company earlier this year.

A representative from 2K Games acknowledged that CM Punk is no longer with the WWE. However, he also mentioned Shawn Michaels and other wrestlers as wrestlers who are currently not on television but are still in the video game. Despite leaving, CM Punk has also been featured heavily in various original shows on the WWE Network.

For "WWE 2K15," the wrestler's famous rivalry against John Cena from 2011 to 2013 will make up one half of the story mode. The other half involves the battles between Shawn Michaels and Triple H from 2002 to 2004. In total, players are going to relive 33 matches across the two chapters. Along the way, they will also get to watch video packages to provided some context to the fights. The footages should be similar to the recap that are shown before big confrontations at pay-per-view events.

The wrestling video game is also getting more rivalries through DLC. However, 2K Games did not reveal who the participants are going to be. The company also did not provide a release schedule or pricing for the expansions. In "WWE 2K14" and other previous games, only new characters and moves were added as DLC packs.

More "WWE 2K15" details should be announced very soon considering that the video game is less than three months away from launch. This year's installment is being released for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms on Oct. 28. The software product is being developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts with the latter taking on more responsibilities this time around. One of the first in-game screens can be viewed near the top of this article (via the official WWE Games Twitter page).