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'WWE 2K15' PS4 and Xbox One development studio further discussed

'WWE 2K15'
'WWE 2K15'
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

The main development studio behind "WWE 2K15" has been further discussed. According to a report from Just Push Start on June 8, Yukes will apparently be coming back as the main developer of the series. The involvement of the studio came into question after WWE reached a new publishing deal with 2K Games after THQ filed for bankruptcy.

Instead of getting rid of Yukes, 2K Games decided to let the studio complete the development of "WWE 2K14" with some additional help provided by Visual Concepts. Last year's installment came out on Oct. 29 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Even with the rebranding, Take-Two Interactive recently reported positive financial results from the first game in the partnership with the WWE.

As a result it appears that they will be using the same development setup for "WWE 2K15." Yukes should end up leading the development for this year's version while Visual Concepts will be providing some assistance. The project was originally confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One as it is the first in the series to be coming to the next-generation consoles. A member of the development team suggested in a previous interview that the game engine will undergo some changes in order to accommodate for the extra horsepower of the new systems.

"WWE 2K15" won't be skipping out on the current-generation, however, as the video game is also being released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The title should end up looking, and possibly playing better, on the PS4 and Xbox One. Although the Wii U has been available since 2012, it appears that 2K Games won't be launching the software product on Nintendo's platform.

North American players will be able to play "WWE 2K15" starting on Oct. 28. The European territories have to wait three additional days to get the same title. A promotional image featuring the game's logo can be seen near the top of this article (courtesy of the series' official Twitter site).