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'WWE 2K15' online multiplayer changes discussed

WWE 2K15
WWE 2K15
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

New gameplay details have been revealed for the upcoming multiplatform video game, "WWE 2K15." According to a preview article from IGN on Aug. 12, 2K Games decided to revamp the pacing of how the matches occur. As a result, these changes should dramatically have an effect on online multiplayer battles.

One of the major changes takes place at the beginning of matches. Players will no longer be able to perform high impact moves, which are usually done near the middle and end of real life sequences, at the initial phase. Instead, the competitors will go through some sort of "feeling out" stage as each of the fighters are going to perform rudimentary moves before ramping up as the match goes on.

Another major alteration of "WWE 2K15" is the modification of the stamina meter. After depleting a certain amount, the character can no longer return to a certain state even if he or she rested for a really long time. The new feature is going to prevent other players of simply running around the ring instead of having an actual competitive match.

Finally, the animations have also been improved, allowing for more contextual movements. For example, a wrestler will bounce off the ropes faster based on how close he or she is in relations to the boundaries. The development teams decided to use a full ring to capture new motions with help from Cesaro and former wrestlers. With all the new changes, players should expect a more realistic representation of the wrestling product they see on television screens.

"WWE 2K15" will be released on Oct. 28 despite very little information about the software product being revealed so far. However, the publisher is planning to reveal more details on a daily basis for the rest of this month with IGN. Furthermore, the complete roster of playable characters are going to be announced on Aug. 16. You can find a gameplay screen from the wrestling title on the top side of this article (via the Twitter site of WWE Games).