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'WWE 2K15' compensation further discussed by another legend

'WWE 2K14' King Kong Bundy
'WWE 2K14' King Kong Bundy
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

Another wrestling legend has made some less than stellar remarks about the upcoming multiplatform video game, "WWE 2K15." According to a report from Just Push Start on May 20, a fan asked King Kong Bundy about his thoughts on the upcoming software product. The retired wrestler responded by saying that his excitement will depend on the amount of compensation.

King Kong Bundy is best known for his watch against Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 2. He was actually a part of the roster for "WWE 2K14" as he was featured in the game's "30 Years of Wrestlemania" mode. However, it appears that he is not happy about the pay for having his character appeared in the long-running series.

Mick Foley previously stated that the compensation is too low. For "WWE 2K14," the man behind Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mankind revealed that the dismal pay was due to THQ filing for bankruptcy. However, the companies responsible for "WWE 2K15" has not yet explained why the payment is also small in the upcoming title. As a result, Mick Foley is leaning towards not signing a deal to appear in the sequel.

Some parts of the roster may have already been leaked, however. A ring announcer previously recorded some lines suggesting that John Cena and The Undertaker will be included. Furthermore, Justin Gabriel and Summer Rae were also hinted to appear. All four characters, with the exception of The Undertaker, who may or may not be retiring, are part of the active roster. A majority of the other current divas and wrestlers should be end up playable as well.

"WWE 2K15" was first announced for the PS4 and Xbox One as it will be the first entry in the series to be developed on the two new consoles. It was also recently confirmed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 current-generation systems. You can find an artwork featuring King Kong Bundy in "WWE 2K14" from the series' Facebook page with the photo attached near the top of this article.