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'WWE 2K15' compared to 'WWE 2K14' and other prior titles at E3 2014

'WWE 2K15'
'WWE 2K15'
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

Mark Little has provide some general details in regards to some of the changes being made in "WWE 2K15" at E3 2014. In an interview with Polygon on June 12, the executive producer of the project stated that 2K Sports set up an actual wrestling ring in order to perform motion capture for the upcoming title. The development teams are trying to get rid of most of the issues with animations associated with the earlier installments such as "WWE 2K14." Players often encounter uninterrupted animation and awkward transitions with the prior products.

For "WWE 2K15," the studios will be adding five time as many animations, which should add more authenticity to the video game. Some of the maneuvers are going to be sped up as well. Another huge issue in "WWE 2K14" is the lack of detailed character models, which will be addressed in this year's iteration as the wrestlers have their entire bodies scanned for the video game.

The same technique was used to render the models from "NBA 2K14" as well as the upcoming "NBA 2K15." As a result, players should expect the same visual fidelity, especially on the PS4 and Xbox One, between the basketball and wrestling video games. Unfortunately, it appears that 2K Sports did not share any gameplay video for "WWE 2K15" at E3 2014.

Instead, the company shared the first five playable characters. Bray Wyatt, Cesaro John Cena and Roman Reigns from the current roster were announced during the same convention. Furthermore, the retired Hulk Hogan also signed up to appear in this year's installment as well.

Despite the lack of gameplay being shown so far, "WWE 2K15" is still expected to arrive on Oct. 28. Along with the two next-generation systems, the software product will also be shipping on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms with the same improvements. The official logo of the product that was revealed through the "WWE Games" Twitter page is located near the top of this article.