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'WWE 2K15' character reveal and release date compared to 'WWE 2K14'

The Ultimate Warrior in 'WWE 2K14'
The Ultimate Warrior in 'WWE 2K14'
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

Several comparisons have been made in regards to potential character reveal and the release date between "WWE 2K14" and the upcoming "WWE 2K15." According to a report from Product Reviews on May 8, WWE may be following a similar strategy towards bringing back Goldberg in this year's edition of the franchise as what the company did with The Ultimate Warrior in last year's game. As a result, Goldberg may actually appear in advertisements for "WWE 2K15" before returning to on the television program.

In "WWE 2K14," The Ultimate Warrior was announced as a pre-order bonus before eventually becoming a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. He was be featured in the ring during Wrestlemania XXX and the following Monday Night Raw before tragically passing away last month. You can find a screen of the character in last year's title from the official Facebook page of the gaming franchise with the photo attached near the top side of this article.

According to Wrestling Inc, Goldberg recently revealed that he will only have another match under the right circumstances. Although his is physically capable, he isn't willing to sacrifice his legacy to do so. He was previously rumored to be brought back in order to face off against Ryback, a current superstar on the roster.

Goldberg will likely be in "WWE 2K15" even if he chooses not to perform again. His persona was added to the aforesaid "WWE 2K14" as part of the many legends that were included. The character model may upgraded as well since this year's edition will be built specifically for the PS4 and Xbox One, a first for the series.

Product Reviews also believed that "WWE 2K15" would be coming out later this Oct., the same launch month as "WWE 2K14." The publisher, 2K Games, has not yet revealed any concrete details on the upcoming video game. With E3 2014 coming next month, however, fans may not have to wait too much longer to hear more about this year's installment.