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WWE 2k15 and MITB Update!

Banner from E3
Banner from E3

I am not a fan of Kevin Hart but you got to like what he did on his Raw appearance this week. And how great did Dean Ambrose look? Okay, lets get into the top stories (to me...not to you) properly before I skip around too much

  • Money in the Bank ladder match for WWE World title-- The WWE World Heavyweight Title will be decided by the MITB ladder match for the first time. Randy Orton, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Roman Reigns and John Cena will try to put together an entertaining enough match that usually calls for a lot of high spots. I have doubt s that this will be a quality match for that reason but lets hope I’m wrong!
  • Money in the Bank Ladder match for the Briefcase-- Seth Rollins has announced on Main Event (on the WWE Network) that there will be a second Money in the Bank ladder match for a briefcase (classic rules, winner gets to cash it in at any time) and he is in it! This already makes me more interested in this match than the title match (big guys are not the best at hitting amazing spots) but again, WWE waiting this close to the PPV just doesn’t make sense to me. Although it’s a lot less riskier now than when the PPV’s were costing me 50-60 dollars, it would be nice to know the full card. Hopefully Rob Van Dam has a chance to enter this match with Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett (that lineup just blows my mind! Make it happen WWE!)
  • Luke Harper and Eric Rowan vs the Uso’s for the titles-- The second match confirmed for the MITB PPV has been a Tag Team match (a tag team title match…on a PPV….holy moly) between the Uso’s and Wyatt family members Rowan and Harper. The Uso’s have been red hot and this should be quite the match with Luke Harper completely winning me over the past few months. A big guy that can talk and can move like him (Harper/Cena where he first broke out the Frankensteiner is a top 5 Match of the Year Nominee of mine) has unlimited potential and could be a future Heavyweight champion (JBL did it).
  • WWE 2k15--- The first bunch of names have been revealed for the upcoming WWE 2k15 video game. Cesaro, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and Bray Wyatt were the first confirmed for the game while at the E3 expo. Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Noami & Cameron and AJ Lee have also been added. I love the WWE games and seem to buy the new one every year (2k14 was very good considering there was a lot of excitement with the changing of companies) and this year’s roster definitely has me excited. Not only will the Wyatts be available but the rumored pre-order DLC is supposed to be STING! We’ve been reading the rumors for the last few years but it appears this may indeed be the year Mr.Borden joins VKM. (It's a shame that they won't use "man called sting" theme, lets cross our fingers though)
  • Sting-- speaking of Sting, WWE is scheduled the release of his DVD to be this September. Ofcourse the talk is the dvd first and then Wrestlemania and/or Hall of Fame (same as what they did with the Warrior). I am looking forward to adding it to my wrestling library and I would safely assume there will be another DVD of him released again because his career was too long and too great to cover in 3 discs (Except up to 2002…IDK what he’s been doing since then).
  • TNA Fan vote for 6-sided ring-- IWC is full of people that confuse TNA Wrestling with being inovating with the old 6 sided ring but sorry, but they were not the first to use it. There is an organization in Mexico that has used it (AAA). I think this is a sign for ROH to step up as the second biggest company in the US as Impact looks to be doing a great impression of WCW from 2000. A.J Styles went on the Talk is Jericho podcast and opened up about that company. It is worth a listen!

    Next Week the WWE is back in DC for Raw (which I am too excited for) so I won't be tweeting along with the show (that actually may make a few followers happy). More articles are coming this week and a review for MITB will be out next week so stay classy and Don't Be A Lemon!

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