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Wursfest follow up - Ich liebe Wurstfest!


Dance competitors
in authentic costumes from Germany

Just a follow up to Wurstfest in New Braunfels.  The event made a worthy visit.  The food was absolutely amazing, and even though roasted corn-on-a-stick is not German, it sure added to the German Chocolate pie and sausage on a stick.  One of the most popular eating fares was the potato pancakes.  The line was worth the wait, although I felt they were missing the powdered sugar as my grandma used to make them.  The music was just as enjoyable as was the beer and wine
I enjoyed watching the waltz competition most of all. 
The next New Braunfels fest is Wassilfest in the square. I will give you the lowdown as soon as I have it. I heard this event is one surely not to miss.