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Wu-Tang Wednesday and Young Dirty Bastard at Charlie's Kitchen

Wu-Tang Wednesday
Wu-Tang Wednesday

As some of you may know, Harvard Square recently said goodbye to Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub—an institution of nine years that was forced to close due to rising rent. Its tri-floored layout made it accessible to a plethora of recreational exploits, and one in particular had caught the attention of this observer.

Wu-Tang Wednesday has become a cult classic in the Square (a genealogy of its history and intrigue can be found here), and although it called the basement of Tommy Doyle’s its home, Wu-Tang Wednesday did not share the same fate as its host. The hip-hop phenomenon has moved a few hundred feet to Charlie’s Kitchen and continues to thrive, proving that, just as clothes do not make the man, the pub does not encapsulate the enigmatic fascination of the Wu—the Wu shall live on.

This Wednesday’s edition of the Wu will feature a special guest, Boy Jones—aka Young Dirty Bastard, aka the son of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. And for all of you ill versed in the gospel of the Wu, the late ODB was perhaps the clan’s most eccentric and notorious member. It doesn’t even need to be said: this is going to be an event. Don’t miss out friends.

Essential info: February 5th, 9am - 1am, 21+, NO COVER!