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Wu-Tang Clan affliated rapper Andre Thomas cuts off penis and jumps off building

In shocking news today, a rapper affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan named Andre Thomas has cut off his penis and then jumped off a building. According to TMZ on Thursday, Andre Johnson made this decision for some reason but nobody knows why. He did not die from the jump off of a second story building though and is still at the hospital.

Christ Bearer
BamSukkaTV/YouTube still

He goes by the name Andre Thomas as a rapper but is real name is Christ Bearer. Several people were on the scene when it happened including other rappers. They do believe that he has a mental issue and revealed that they were not doing any drugs at all at that time.

Andre is part of the group Northstar which was founded by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA. He doesn't work with them currently but he did discover the group. This means even if he isn't a member of their group he is affiliated with it and people know him from it.

The Hollywood Gossip shared more news about this saying that his penis cannot be saved. The entire incident started and ended within seconds and everyone there was shocked by it. This is not what they expected to see go down at all. He is in stable condition at this time. There has been no news about when he will be released from the hospital or if he will even get to go home or be sent to a facility to get mental help.

In the future, this is going to make it hard for Andre Thomas to have sex or a relationship. It will be hard to find a woman that is okay with his change in sexual activity. Hopefully he can get the help he needs and figure out a way to move on with his life after this crazy incident. Fans are sending him prayers.

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