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WTHI-TV seeks to award Terre Haute, Wabash Valley teachers with Golden Apple

WTHI-TV wants its viewers to nominate exceptional teachers in Terre Haute the Wabash Valley for its Golden Apple Awards. The television station, which is the home of weatherman Kevin Orpurt, hands out these rewards on annual basis.

Last year’s award winners include Linda Kaperak, Jeff Nelson, Travis Connor, Gail Nattkemper, and Joanna Connors. The recipients come from Brazil, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Clay County and parts of Illinois.

No WTHI-TV representative explained why they chose the Golden Apple. In Greek mythology, Eris throws a golden apple during the wedding of a Trojan monarch. It read for the fairest. Hera, Aphrodite and Athena assumed that one of them must be the winner. The trio appointed Paris to settle the dispute. Each goddess tries to bribe the mortal. Hera offers him power, Athena offers his knowledge, and Aphrodite offers him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris accepts Aphrodite's brige. The young Trojan's decision to give the apple to the goddess of love causes the Trojan war. The golden apple does not represent excellence in education, but it does represent a successful attempt by the Greek goddess of chaos to sow mayhem and destruction.

Parents who want to nominate teachers for excellence or for their exceptional ability to spread chaos can nominate their favorite teachers on WTHI-TV's website.

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