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WTF? Spudnut? Sputnik? Sarah Palin on Obama's SOTU

Sarah Palin has a Spudnut moment
Sarah Palin has a Spudnut moment


  • And with that... 4 years ago

    Sarwah relinquished all hope of a Presidential run, opting to become a rodeo clown instead.

  • Steve 4 years ago


  • labman57 4 years ago

    Wow. Once again, Palin shows an inability to take responsibility for her own failures and shortcomings. This is yet another one of Palin's fatal flaws -- she is totally incapable of ever admitting that she made a mistake in a tweet, Facebook posting, speech, or during an interview.

    "Hello, America. My name is Sarah Palin, and I am so blessed that my sh*t don't stink, don't ya know."

    In Palin's infamous Sputnik moment, Sarah was trying to take a Six Degrees of Separation approach to explaining causal relationships in major historical events. This is what happens when you have a simplistic, comic book-level understanding of world history.

    Palin has repeatedly demonstrated an inability for cogent, rational, substantive extemporaneous speaking, largely the result of her brain being on auto-pilot as she relies almost exclusively on memorized shallow, often snarky talking points during her speeches and (exclusively T-ball) interviews.

    Bottom line. Palin won't waste her time with any interviewer who will not guarantee

    1) advanced screening of all questions

    2) no followup questions without her realtime permission.

    On the other hand, her continual need to rationalize and justify her frequent faux pas with irrational and fabricated backstories illustrates why she is regarded as the Tommy Flanagan of national politics.

  • steve 4 years ago

    Great Post labman57

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