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WTF Fest: Death to the Middle Man

Aim for the shot glass,Bill
WTF Fest

With the gap in economic disparity ever widening as the United States government promotes the heavy-handed interests of an increasingly archaic and short-sighted entertainment industry – non-mainstream artists converge in their own collectives that eschew the middle-man: the distributors, publishers, and production studios that attempt to drag the entire world down with them as they fall screaming into obsolescence.

Wednesday March 14, 2012 12pm – 12am @ Ruta Maya 3601 South Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78704

As part of the annual South By Southwest Festival, underground art and Cultural Engineering Veterans Shane & Bugbee host the WTF Fest – a celebration of the independent artist:

“This is the real underground, not some well planned and mass marketed, trust fund fueled, white washed, and made safe b**s***... This is from the streets, from the zipcodes you love to hate... No well connected, trust fund artists here, check the links and you’ll see that these individual‘s lives and talents are the things others observe and then make movies about…”

Attending artists include:

  • John Sinclair of the MC5, an old school revolutionary who "was sentenced to 10 years after giving 2 joints to an undercover police officer. His 1971 release was secured by high-profile admirers like John Lennon, Allan Ginsberg and Stevie Wonder."
  • Former Metal Maniacs associate editor and EyeHateGod vocalist Michael IX Williams.
  • "25-year stage veteran and master of long-form and improv, underground comic laureate, Rick Shapiro... known for his hilarious appearances in the HBO sitcom, “Lucky Louie"... featured performer on Conan O’Brien, Tough Crowd and Howard Stern, XM Radio: Opie and Anthony, Raw Dog and National Lampoon Radio."
  • Model and surreal doll maker, Ugly Shyla.
  • Tesla coil electric painter, Dave archer, whose paintings have been used on the set of Star Trek and the cover of Omni Magazine.
  • Commercial Fisherman and poet, Dave Densmore

....And more.

"We celebrate with live music, short videos, art of all variety, spoken word, comedy, and angry prose, this is a creative convergence of three generations of outspoken, counterculture creatives."

Check out the webpage for more information, and check out the kickstarter page if you hope to see a WTF Fest arrive at a location near you...


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