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WSSC Conference 2014: A dynamic experience in fitness

The highlights of the WSSC Conference 2014 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami.
The highlights of the WSSC Conference 2014 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami.

The WSSC Conference kicked off its 15th year this past weekend at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami bringing together fitness professionals from around the globe.

The fitness fun began on Wednesday, May 28 with pre-conference activities, including the highly-anticipated GHOST ride with Spinning® International Master Instructor, Josh Taylor. Without a doubt, among the five days of intense fitness classes, informative sessions and certification courses, Josh Taylor’s GHOST ride was undeniably the highlight of the event.

Taylor is known for his dynamic ability to inspire and motivate fans and followers to push themselves to the next level when it comes indoor cycling, being a former professional cyclist and seasoned athlete himself. Taylor is a two-time State Road Race Champion, who has competed against some of the world’s top cyclists at internationally-renowned events, including the San Francisco Grand Prix and the Philadelphia International championship. Taylor has embraced his role as a Master Instructor, consistently seeking ways to take the program to the next level and pioneering the integration of video into the Spinning® program.

While Taylor’s video-enhanced rides have become a trademark of Spinning® program events, compared to Taylor’s previous exhibitions, the GHOST ride crossed into a new frontier of video, lights, music and motivation that will likely become a trend among indoor cycling experts and enthusiasts across the industry.

Hosting more than 250 registered riders, cycling in tandem on the Spinner® Blade ION™, Taylor led cyclists on an eerie path in the dead of night, quite literally - as filmed on a Go-Pro Cam and splayed on giant movie screens before the audience. The simulation took riders beneath ominous clouds and a canopy of scaly branches with a full moon peering intermittently through treetops, while Taylor asked riders to stare down the “ghosts” that hinder their willpower and melt confidence. The music matched the message, toying with the will of each rider to push forth - slow beats exploding into a never say die chorus. Taylor’s voice hummed over the beats, coaching his pack to push fearlessly through the grueling 90 minute workout without stopping. The whole experience engaged the mental and physical prowess of every rider, fueling a spirited mind-body connection that ignited a contagious fire in the crowd - everyone racing to the proverbial finish line as hard and as fast as possible, despite a long day of physical engagement.

Even the bikes used during the ride were a touch point worthy of note. The Spinner® Blade ION™, manufactured by Star Trac, launched in 2013, is the newest commercial bike to join the Spinner® line of bikes. It incorporates a generator inside the flywheel that powers the computer and strain gauge, giving riders an output of stats throughout their ride, including watts, RPMs, mileage and heart rate. Not to mention, this bike is equipped with a “cool factor,” emitting blue LED lights as the rider pedals ever forward. And, of course, Josh Taylor’s GHOST Spinner® Blade ION™ designed for the ride, was a spectacle painted by Nub Grafix to match the frightening theme of the event.

Spinning® was just one of the incredible brands to share their enthusiasm for fitness and empowerment. The Bodyblade®, Ugi®, Peak Pilates®, Resist-A-Ball® were present, along with expert master instructors. Mad Dogg Athletics knows how to put on a compelling event, fitness enthusiasts would be amiss to skip the WSSC Conference 2015.

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