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Wrongly arrested twice: Bumbling Florida cops arrest the wrong woman, twice

Wrongly arrested and jailed, twice?
Wrongly arrested and jailed, twice?
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Arrest me wrongly once, shame on me, arrest me wrongly twice – shame on the blundering cops. A single mother from Florida, who unfortunately has the same name as another woman with outstanding warrants, was picked up twice by police in northern Florida.

Reports The Associated Press via Fox News today: “In January, Ashley Nicole Chiasson spent 28 days in jail after being extradited to Clay County from her home state of Louisiana. She was released after officials realized they had the wrong person. During a status hearing last month related to the grand theft case that was being dropped, Chiasson was arrested again on another charge and spent another week in jail.”

Will the real Ashley Nicole Chiasson please stand up?

The Lousisiana woman has now spent a total of five weeks behind bars. The actual crook is wanted by local authorities in Clay County, near Jacksonville, Florida, for crimes relating to financial matters. The Edmonton Sun carried a photo of the wrongly arrested Chiasson, whose here-we-go-again expression says it all.

Chiasson (the innocent one that is) has had enough. She has contacted an attorney and plans to sue the socks off the police. She has a strong case, considering that the woman that is wanted by authorities doesn’t even look like her. The description of the felonious woman shows police are looking for someone at least five inches taller than Chiasson.

"This is not mere negligence," her attorney said. "This is recklessness."

According to the Edmonton Sun, Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler couldn’t argue that point. He said that his detectives used "shortcuts" to identify Chiasson.

"The result was the wrong person was accused of crimes she didn't commit," Beseler said, adding that the force will look to adopt “new policies” to ensure this does not happen again. Or, in lieu of those new policies, perhaps police can just read the warrant description.

All charges against Chiasson were dropped last week, again.

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