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Wrong body in mother's casket: Dead bodies switched, attorney sought by family

The wrong body in a mother's casket caused major upset for a Rhode Island family. On Jan. 10, Huffington Post reported that a woman died unexpectedly in St. Maarten and her body was prepared by the island before being shipped to New Jersey for a wake -- but when the daughter looked at the dead body, something was terribly wrong.

"I looked up, and I was like, 'Good God, are you kidding me?' I was stunned," said the woman's daughter, Lisa Kondvar, when she noticed that the body inside the casket was not her mother. According to the report, it was too close to visiting hours for the wake to be canceled, so the family closed the casket and proceeded with the evening.

The wrong body in the mother's casket belonged to a woman who died in St. Maarten around the same time as Kondvar's mother. That woman was from Canada and the Kondvar family has reason to believe that the bodies were mixed up -- and that the "right" body was cremated. The family has not confirmed this information, but if this is the case, they will take possession of the ashes.

"The two dead women bore no resemblance to one another and were of different frames and heights, she said. The family has hired a detective and is looking for an international attorney," according to Huffington Post.

More on the wrong body in mother's casket story in the video above.

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