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"Written in My Own Heart's Blood"

Today was a big release day for a big book, both big in size, and in terms of being the next installment of a verra veraa popular series. The verra verra might give you a clue.

Yes, today sees the release of Diana Gabalon's Written in My Own Heart's Blood, the eighth book in the Outlander series of novels. I reread the last book, An Echo In the Bone, last week, to be up to speed when the new one arrives. MOBY, as Diana and her fans affectionately call the new novel, promises to take up where the last one left off, with Claire in the middle of a strange marriage triangle, William shattered by unexpected news of his parentage, and Ian desperately in love with Rachel Hunter, who returns his affection. There's also Brianna, back in the 20th century, being terrorized by her coworker, and Roger and William Buccleigh MacKenzie going back through the stones to rescue Roger's son, Jem. It will be an exciting read, that's for certain.

If you are interested in Facebook pages for the Outlander books, your best bet might be the group Outlander Series. It is usually a fairly lively group, but this past week it became quite heated over the issue of posting spoilers from any of the books, not just MOBY. Don't let that scare you off however. Diana is a part of the page also, and posts fairly regularly when she's not involved with book tours, the television film version of the first book, or in her writing. She's very kind to all who participate, and sometimes will give a personal reply to a question.

She has already started working on book nine, and judging by the fact that Echo was published in 2009, and now MOBY in 2014, it may be 2019 before we see it. But her books are well-researched and written, and are definitely worth the wait. And oh yes...

Why MOBY? Actually she started out calling it MOHB (my own heart's blood) which would be pronounced MOBY. There's no title for the ninth book, but I'm sure it will have one. Meanwhile, ENJOY!

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