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Writing tip: carry a notebook

Whether it is an actual physical notebook in your purse or briefcase or a note app on your smart phone, tablet or computer, be sure to have something handy at all times!

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Ever hear the term: short term memory? Well, we all have one! Sad, but true. You may be driving down the road and "bam" an idea for your book will just pop up in your head! What are you going to do with that magnificent idea? Well, if you don't write it guessed it, absolutely nothing! Now, you definitely do NOT want to pull out the pen and paper while driving, but you can speak it into your phone and send it to yourself as a text to write down or type in later.

You may want to keep a small note pad beside of your bed. Ever spring up out of a peaceful slumber at say...3am with an idea? If that handy notepad and pen are laying right beside of your bed you can make sure you don't lose it forever.

My advice:
1. download a free notepad app on your smart phone.
2. download a free voice to text app on your smartphone
3. buy a cute little notepad and matching pen to carry with you
4. keep a small legal pad and pen beside of your bed

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