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Writing through a child's perspective

Cincinnati, Ohio is in the southwest section of Ohio and offers a wide variety of activities. It is home to museums, art galleries and restaurants, and has historical significance in Ohio’s beginnings; there are also many writers who have hailed from this fair city. One of those many writers is known for her books geared towards younger children and her name is Louise Borden.

Louise Borden was born Louise Walker in 1949 and after finishing college she became a teacher’s assistant in the local school of her home town. Borden would write little stories for the students to assist them with learning how to read. Her husband, Peter, felt she had a talent for story writing and with his encouragement she worked to get her stories published.

As a child Louise Borden had many interest and these certainly show up in her stories. She has characters in other countries, they fly on airplanes and they meet historical figures. Her ability to write from a child’s point of view is nothing less than amazing and the illustrations are so well done they can almost tell the story without the added words; which draws both children and adults to her books.

Though Borden writes fiction she also writes non-fiction topics that includes the Holocaust and cancer. She isn’t afraid to write about the controversial topics and allows that the children see a different point than do the adults. The children most always sees the good within the bad and that is what they focus on, where the adults see the bad and focus on that.

Louise Borden has an amazing talent that allows her, an adult, to see through the child’s eyes and write from that perspective. All of her books are loved by many generations. Here’s where to get yours…

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