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Writing in L.A. goes beyond the screen



Many writers come to Los Angeles with a screenplay in their bag and a dream in their heart.  And why not?  It's glamorous, exciting, and lucrative....if you make it.  Here in Los Angeles, when I tell people that I'm a writer, I inevitably get the question, "Anything I might have seen?"

In reality, the answer to that is "yes."  As a freelance writer producing materials for businesses such as newsletters, brochures, website content, and so much more, a good percentage of my writing is viewed by many.  However, it's all written anonymously.  So while I may not have my name splashed across the big screen or the boob tube, my work is still viewed by many.

A word of warning.  If you are the type of person who needs to receive credit to validate your work, then this is not the line of work for you.  For those writers who are interested in working from home and creating a career for yourself that has the potential to bring in a steady stream of income while allowing you to do what you love, then you might seriously consider becoming a freelance copy writer.

There are so many avenues you can travel in this career: technical writing, business to business, business to consumer, social networking...the list goes on.  The beauty is you shape your career into what you want it to be based on your skills, talents, and interests.

So my brothers and sisters of the quill.  Fear not.  There is life beyond the screen in Los Angeles.

For more info: visit The Write Approach.