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Writing for Change workshop teaches political change communication techniques

Day-Riverside Library
Day-Riverside Library
Shad Engkilterra

On June 14, 2011, eight people attended the SLCC Community Writing Center’s and the Salt Lake City Public Library’s Writing for a Change: Community Writing Event at the Day-Riverside Library from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

The event began with a presentation from Brenda Sieczkowski that outlined the aspects of a well-written political letter. This included:

  • Writing with respect – make sure that the greeting and the ending are respectful; name-calling and angry words will not be appreciated.
  • Explain the problem – this should be specific and may include a personal story.
  • Give a solution – a practical solution will work best.
  • Explain why this problem needs to be solved – this may have done this above with the personal story.
  • Offer to help if possible – Getting signatures on a petition or appearing at a hearing on the subject may be things that can help

All of the attendees had the opportunity to write a letter and get help with it. The Salt Lake City Public Library provided pens, paper, and an envelope with a stamp.

“It is important to give people the tools to empower themselves,” said Allison Cook, an attendee, “and the phrase, ‘Everyone can write’ is especially important as it emphasizes that there is no restriction on who can make an impact.”

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